The Twisted Skein

The Transfictional Canonical Defence Authority

By Jove! A visitor to the manse of the Transfictional Canonical Defence Authority, premier guardian of the Transfictional Aether from the forces of misbegotten writings? Such an honour! We of the TCDA have oft been described as 'Steampunk', but we know not why: while steam may power many of our devices and mechanisms, we possess far more sophisticated methods of igniting our furnaces than mere punk or tinder.

Since you have expressed interest in our little organisation, pray allow us to share some of the exploits of our fearless constables. These tales are gathered from a range of our Readiness Chambers, and represent a delightful cross-section of our noble paladins of correctness.

If you're worried about all that legal stuff, pay a visit to our Disclaimers page.

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